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Cold Rock - Wilsonton

12:00 - 21:00
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Hot dogs are the popularised version of the sausage. While sausages are marked by signs of craftsmanship and closely guarded recipes are held in high esteem, hot dogs are marked by their repeatability. What hot dogs lack in remarkability, they make up for in their ability to be topped. Classic hot toppings include fresh or fried onions, relish, and of course mustard or tomato sauce. In Australia however, the topping is shredded cheese and fried onion. There also exists a dog by many names: the Dagwood Dog, Dippy Dog, or Pluto Pup is a hot dog coated in wheat or corn flour batter that's fried and served with tomato sauce. Throwback toppings grace dogs that a reminiscent of another time and place; the Coney (or Coney Dog or Coney Island Hot Dog) is topped by raw, chopped white onions, all-meat bean-less chili con carne, and a line of mustard. This dog's name was meant to tie it to that famous New York amusement park of the early 20th century at which hot dogs were a famous staple.

Hot dogs not only recall the past, but look towards the future. Ingredients are becoming fresher, finer, and healthier. Organic sausages, pickled beets, goat cheese, and leafy greens add a blast of colour, flavour, and antioxidants or probiotics to a food with a PR problem. On the other hand, gravy is a topping that's not necessarily futuristic nor healthy, but neither are hot dogs deep-fried after being coated in coconut and pancake batter, but they get people talking. Hot dogs restaurants are also growing a renewed interest in quality dog ingredients. Bratwurst has been a popular sausage variant that's not necessarily gourmet, but it's different than the standard. Smoked all beef or pork sausages are a step up in the world of cylindrical meats. Vegetarian and vegan dogs are now available. The "serve yourself" or personalised, manual addition of hot dog toppings is practice at establishments that serve hot dogs on the go, hot dog vans, or restaurants that take a hands-off approach to topping hot dogs. Here bins contain a myriad of ingredients to allow perfect personalisation to one of the world's oft-customised foods.

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Cold Rock - Wilsonton

Overall 9 |  Food 10  |  Value 8  |  Speed 9

Couldn't select certain icecream flavours that u can get in store

Reanna - November 2017
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