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Kerala Hut

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Indo-Chinese food delivery from local restaurants

A thriving Chinese community has existed in India since the 18th century, based largely in the eastern city of Kolkata. The result is the unique fusion of Chinese cooking techniques and Indian flavours known as Indo-Chinese cuisine. Indian ingredients such as cumin, coriander seeds, turmeric and yoghurt are paired with chilli, ginger and garlic in dishes loosely influenced by Chinese culture. Some Indo-Chinese dishes, while drawing upon ancient traditions of the two cultures, are entirely original: the popular dish Manchurian chicken, for example, is thought to be wholly a creation of Chinese restaurants in India. It consists of chicken and vegetables cooked in a spicy sauce that mixes Indian spices and soy sauce.

Other Indo-Chinese dishes are similar to Chinese takeaway dishes that are popular throughout Australia, such as honey, lemon or sweet and sour chicken. There is an emphasis on sweetness, spice and texture (crunchy deep-fried dishes are particularly well-loved), traits which are common to both Indian and Chinese cultures. Indo-Chinese takeaway is not as readily available as traditional Indian or Chinese, but it is growing in popularity and elements of it can be found on the menus of many neighbourhood restaurants.

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Popular dishes


    Butter Chicken

    A mild curry in which marinated chicken tikkas are cooked in butter with a rich and creamy sauce.

  • Kerala Hut

    Masala Dosa

    Plain dosa stuffed with spiced potato served with sambar, tomato and coconut chutney

Recent reviews


Overall 9 |  Food 9  |  Value 9  |  Speed 9

Great food. Does actually listen when you ask for your food to be spicer or not. Definitely worth a try Fast service

Sandie - December 2017

Kerala Hut

Overall 10 |  Food 10  |  Value 10  |  Speed 10

Once again the food did not disappoint. Great tasting authentic indian cuisine and friendly and efficient service

Conrad - November 2017
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