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There's no shortage of International restaurants in Australia. Australian cities contain restaurants that come from all corners of the globe. European cuisine has always been held in high esteem here. Close proximity makes all sorts of Asian flavours possible. The Americas have just started making their presence known. And European chefs have returned to further remix Australian cuisine. Mediterranean food is represented by the cuisines of Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Iran and Morocco. The latter four differ with their inclusion of more Asiatic spices, while the former also present similar dishes to Middle Europe. Thanks to Oceanic trade, Australia has easy access to the Asiatic spice set. The heavily spiced cuisines of North Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and nearby island countries can be authentically reproduced. China, Japan, and Korea have long culinary histories. Their cuisines are markedly different from those found in the West. A shrinking world combined with curious Australian palates makes heretofore unknown noodles dishes, sushi, and Asian barbecue commonplace. The slow-cooked "barbecue" and some of its nascent Caribbean and Mexican forms are arriving from the Americas. Brazil and the southernmost portion of South America contribute grilling technique. Peru has fused with elements of Japanese cuisine before arriving here. Produce born in the Americas (tomatoes, capsicums, corn, potatoes, and chocolate) has forever changed worldwide cuisine.

French cuisine is a movement in itself, and elements of French technique appear in everywhere France has touched. French-kissed dishes are arriving to Australia from Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa.  French cuisine is remixing classic French dishes with Australian ingredients: a French tuna terrine here  uses tangy pig face and saltbush, two locally beach-foraged herbs. Vietnamese dishes have been forever changed by the French: the bánh mì and bánh flan are glaring examples. The notion of mirepoix gained jalepeños and cucumber when it lost celery in Vietnam. For the longest time, Mauritian food had been some of the best authentically French restaurants in Australia; it's only as of late that the more Creole and Indo-Chinese elements have begun to be celebrated. Australian food has always been internationally sourced. The English and Germans--some of the first settlers--introduced the dishes of our childhood. Further, fusion restaurants or dishes put international spins on classic Australian fare. For exmpale, hamburgers are now topped with wasabi-lime mayonnaise, chutneys, grilled halloumi, tzatziki, harissa paste, or Moroccan spiced yogurt.

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