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Consumer favourite Juice delivery restaurants

Ravneel's Inter-Continental Infusions

Fish & chips
16:00 - 21:30
Min order
  • Free Item

    Order a Butter Chicken + Large Rice for $20.00

  • Free Item

    Order 2 Curries + 2 Regular Rice + Tandoori Chicken Wings on Tray for $45.00

  • Value Pack 1

    1X Butter Chicken and 1X Large Rice.

    • 1 x Butter Chicken
    • 1 x Plain Rice (Large)


  • Value Pack 2

    Any 2X Curry, 2X Regular Rice and 1X Tandoori Chicken Wings.

    • 2 x Curry
    • 2 x Rice
    • 1 x Tandoori Chicken Wings


  • Value Pack 3

    Any 6X Curry, 4X Plain Naans, 6X Large Steamed Rice, 1X Chicken Tikka and 1X Papadums.

    • 6 x Curry
    • 4 x Plain Naan
    • 6 x Steamed Rice (Large)
    • 1 x Chicken Tikka
    • 1 x Papadums


  • Value Pack 4
    • 1 x Curry
    • 1 x Rice
    • 1 x Chocolate Mousse


lizë + bath

Not available today
Min order
Sydney CBD
5% Off
  • Discount: 5% Off

    Receive 5% off your order.

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Juice food delivery from local restaurants

With the rise of healthy eating throughout Australia came the rise of juices and juice bars. No longer squeezed exclusively from oranges and apples, juices and smoothies can now contain a huge variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and even spices. The health benefits of juices are widely recognised: orange juice is rich in vitamin C and potassium, prune juice is associated with good digestive healthy, and cranberry juice may be useful in preventing and treating bladder infections. It’s no surprise that these wonder drinks have been so readily embraced by thirsty consumers everywhere.

As well as providing essential vitamins and minerals, juices are also an excellent vehicle for nutritional supplements and boosters. Protein-rich ingredients like powders, bananas, eggs, nuts and even tofu may be added to smoothies to aid in gaining muscle and strength. Other items may be added to boost energy, focus or immunity. Juices can also be used as a cooking ingredient: orange juice pairs well with chicken and lemon or lime juice are common additions to cakes and tarts.

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