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La Cocina Peruana

17:30 - 21:00
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Peruvian cuisine reflects a history than spans from the Incas of the past to immigrants of today. In addition to the great variety of peoples influencing cuisine, Peru is graced with 28 different climatic zones giving the country a huge variety of agricultural products to play with. The microclimates gave rise to thousands of different varieties of potatoes and topical fruits such as bananas, mangoes ripe or green, citrus, passionfruit-like granadillas, and custard apples. The colourful, bright, but mild aji chillies grow to support every Peruvian dish on the plate. True, Spanish cuisine displaced the indigenous for hundreds of years, and thirty years ago Peruvian cities were occupied solely by Spanish, German, and French kitchens, but a renewed interest in past foods has accompanied the rise of influences from Asia; both Japan and Chinese immigrants have left their mark on modern-day Peruvian cuisine.

Peruvian cuisine is enormously popular as of late, but Australia has been a little slow to catch the fever. Besides recently rediscovering superfoods like the psuedocereals quinoa and kañiwa, the fusion of Japanese and Latin American flavours has proved too delicious to ignore. Japanese chefs have reinvigorated the classic citrus-cured fish dish ceviche; rather than soaking overnight, chilli-infused citrus is used to quickly coat the fish for a dish that's half Latin and half sushi. This spicy-sour marinade is consumed as “tiger's milk” for a professed hangover cure and is frequently used and reused in maritime fare. Desserts represent gentler offerings still shaped by Peru's European-centric period. Baked goods like coconut-covered alfajores, rico turrones, and the more commonplace arroz con leche continue to represent the Spanish influence on Peruvian cuisine.

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  • La Cocina Peruana

    BBQ for 1

    beef ribs, lamb chops, chicken breast served with rice, golden potatoes, salad and chimichurri dip

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La Cocina Peruana

Overall 10 |  Food 10  |  Value 10  |  Speed 10

La Cocina Peruana, is that restaurant that makes you salivate every time you think about it. Unassuming atmosphere, great... Read more

Miguel - October 2016
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