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Taj Palace Indian Restaurant - Surfers Paradise

12:00 - 14:30, 17:00 - 22:00
Min order
Surfers Paradise
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  • Taj Solo Indian Meal - save $15.10
    • 1 x Veg Samosa (1 pc)
    • 1 x Curry (Veg/ Chk/ Lamb/ Beef/ Seafood)
    • 1 x Rice
    • 1 x Naan
    • 1 x Mint Sauce
    • 1 x Papaddom (2 pcs)


  • Taj Duo Indian Meal - save $22.10
    • 1 x Veg Samosa (2 pcs)
    • 1 x Beef Curry / Beef Vindaloo
    • 1 x Curry (Lamb/ Chicken/ Seafood)
    • 1 x Plain Rice
    • 2 x Plain Naan
    • 1 x Mint Sauce
    • 1 x Papaddom (4 pcs)


  • Taj Family Indian Meal - save $24.10
    • 1 x Veg Samosa (2 pcs)
    • 1 x Half Tandoori Chicken
    • 2 x Curry (Lamb/ Beef/ Chicken/ Seafood)
    • 1 x Zeera Aloo (Herbed Potatoes)
    • 2 x Saffron Rice
    • 2 x Garlic Naan
    • 1 x Mint Sauce
    • 1 x Papaddom (6 pcs)


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Rajasthani culture has been long-standing and relatively unadulterated by outside influences. This north Indian state has enjoyed a long history of autonomy and dishes here inspired dishes in other Indian states. Rajasthani cuisine within Australia combines the best from classic Rajasthani with an extended ingredient list. Buffalo milk products end up in Rajasthani cuisine frequently. Buffalo cheese is a bit harder to come by in Australia, but substitutions with cow yoghurt don't change the taste unbearably.

Rajasthani cuisine uses yoghurt-based sauces quite extensively especially in kadhi, a yoghurt-based curry with many variants. In the Rajasthan state water was historically scarce, so cooking methods emerged that used milk to supplement the absence of water. Here fresh green vegetables are conspicuously absent, and curries are meant to be equally delicious cold. Today, those greens on back on the menu, and classic dishes are often garnished with aromatic greens to provide a freshness to heavily spiced dishes. These spices include ginger, garlic, coriander, turmeric, cumin, and garam masala. Chickpea flour adds protein to vegetarian dishes. The notion of  Marwari Bhojnalaya, or vegetarian restaurants, originated here. Fried okra makes for a solid vegetarian option, especially when the batter contains chickpea flour. The okra batter is usually spiced with chilli powder, turmeric, ginger, and garlic, but variants may include any of the typical Rajasthani spices. A salad of pomegranate, coriander, chickpeas, and lime juice provides a cooling accompaniment.

Meat-based dishes are especially more common in Australia. In Rajasthani duck curry, soy bean sauce and white peppercorns form duck's marinade. It's discarded before the duck is cooked in coconut milk, kefir lime leaves, red chillies, and lemongrass. The end sauce is made from sweet onions caramelised in oil and lightly cooked ginger, garlic, and  reconstituted dried chillies all combined with yogurt when cool. Cucumber, watercress, coriander, and mint are added fresh at the end. Desserts in Rajasthani cuisine are meant to be enjoyed before, during, and after meals.

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Taj Palace Indian Restaurant - Surfers Paradise

Overall 10 |  Food 10  |  Value 10  |  Speed 10

Our food was delicious and delivered at the time quoted. We would certainly order from the Taj palace again.

Helene - June 2017
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