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We all have our go-to comfort food, but some can be less than of a high standard. However, at Burger Edge, the motivation behind their mouthwatering burgers is to make their comfort food without lowering standards. It’s all about having a high appreciation for quality ingredients! If you love burgers, then Burger Edge has something for every palate. Their focus is to fulfil the growing demand for top quality, quick service burgers that are served fresh and tasty, but are still value for money.

With a menu that boasts appetising beef burger names such as: Feel the Cheese, Colossal Beef and The Boss, Burger Edge also features lip-smacking chicken burgers. Try a Chicken Parma, Peri Peri Chicken or Crispy Chicken burger. If you are after a vegetarian meal, Burger Edge has both vegan and vegetarian options. There’s also a wide range of sides and loaded fries to choose from.


Customer favourites

Chicken Deluxe
Crispy Chicken
Burger & Onion Rings
Nachos Edge Fries
Fish & Chips
Loaded Waffles

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