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Inspired by the colours and flavours of Africa, Nando’s has taken the humble chook and transformed it into an exotic blend of succulent chicken, tantalising spices and scintillating sauces. A fusion of Portuguese and African cooking traditions, at the heart of Nando’s is the magical ingredient, Peri Peri. This smashing spice has a deep history, combining the red-eye chilli from Mozambique and the zesty lemon and earthy garlic brought over by Portuguese explorers, creating a new and exciting taste. From humble beginnings ‒ the first store opened in 1987 in Johannesburg, South Africa ‒ Nando’s has swept the world and now has over 1000 branches in 35 countries.

But Nando’s offers more than just flame-grilled chicken! They also make scrumptious burgers, wraps, pitas, salads, chips, spicy rice, as well as a few specialities such as paella, meatballs and even chicken skewers. There’s even a menu designed for little tummies!


Customer favourites

Whole Chicken
Quarter Chicken & Salad 
Classic Chicken Burger
Chicken Meatballs
Classic Pita

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