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Everyone's got their list of go-to takeaway restaurants, and if PappaRich isn't on yours, well then, you're not doing takeaway right. With well over 50 restaurants globally, it's fair to say that PappaRich has helped popularise Malaysian cuisine in the western world. And what a menu! With a huge (but not overwhelming) range of authentic Malaysian dishes to choose from -- many of which are variations of others -- there's quite literally something for everyone.

And do not skip the drinks menu, you guys. With over fifty (50!) beverage choices to peruse, you might wanna order a couple. We're partial to the Lychee Soda. Pro tip: the milk teas make a great partner to some of the spicier dishes. Take our word for it!


Customer favourites

Satay Chicken
Nasi Lemak & Curry Chicken
Pappa Special Nasi Lemak
Char Koay Teow
Seafood Curry Laksa
Roti Canai with Curry Chicken

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For a taste of authentic Malaysian cuisine at wallet-friendly prices, PappaRich is your spot. And if you want that flavoursome PappaRich delivered piping hot to your door - or ready for pick-up in minutes -- Menulog has got your back. Whether it’s for some flaky, crisp, layered roti, wok-fried noodles, scrumptious curries, chicken satays or the signature Nasi Lemak, PappaRich is the perfect takeaway option for a lazy night in, to feed a crew of hungry family members, or a delicious and easy lunch option. Log onto the Menulog app or website and within a few taps your mouth watering Malaysian meal could be delivered right to your doorstep!

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