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Get Pizza Capers delivered to your door!

Looking for a pizza to get excited about? Want to try something different and inject a little gourmet in your life? Imagine a melange of exotic flavours, eaten not from a plate but from a pizza base!  Pizza Capers is not your everyday pizza place and they’ve spent countless hours perfecting beautifully crafted combinations. Pizza Capers believe the three vital ingredients to perfecting a truly gourmet pizza are love, experience, and using ingredients only found in the finest restaurants. From satay tofu to karaage chicken, you’re guaranteed an amazing pizza experience!

Let’s face it, if someone else has lovingly crafted a gourmet pizza then it should be given exceptional transportation to match. Nobody likes cold pizza, so why not let Menulog deliver your far-from-ordinary pizza straight to you door! You can be assured it’ll arrive piping hot and in perfect condition.


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If you’re tired of pizza that no longer gets your tastebuds buzzing, Pizza Capers has a range of exciting pizzas that’ll add some zing to your life. Why not have a Porknado or a Lamb-Baa-Gini delivered to you by Menulog? While you’re doing life, Menulog will do the food. That’s the beauty of getting food delivered; you don’t have to worry about preparing lunch or dinner. Pizza Capers also has an extensive menu which includes indulgent pasta, breads, desserts, drinks, wraps, salads and wings.

Go ahead and try a Tuscan Pesto Chicken & Bacon Pizza or Arancini Moussaka Pizza today! With Menulog you can transport your tastebuds to an exotic place without even leaving your home.

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