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What is Just-Eat?

Just-Eat is the revolution in take-out ordering

  • Through our constant aggressive marketing & promotion we help restaurants create a new sales channel which will deliver orders from new customers every day. is a user-friendly website
  • Our system has been designed with the customer in mind, it's quick and easy to use and end-users will receive instant order confirmations from your restaurant.

Just-Eat is established in several markets and is the leading Online Food Ordering player.
  • This ensures we always keep up to date with what's happening in the restaurant business at international level as well as online. Whenever you need advice about growing your business we will be there to help!

What does Just-Eat do?

Just-Eat provides your restaurant with a constantly evolving online ordering technology
  • The customer simply orders from the restaurant's online menucard on The order is received and printed along with all the customer's information via the JustConnect box.

Just-Eat markets its website and its partner restaurants aggressively
  • Online & offline marketing are our focus
  • Collaboration with Canada's largest websites
  • Local marketing

How can Just-Eat help your restaurant to fulfill its highest potential?

Save money.
  • Tune your marketing towards your main product and let us take care of the online ordering part!
  • Get orders from new customers without "lifting a finger"
  • Spend more time servicing your customers at the shop and less time on the phone taking orders.

Save time.
  • Accept orders instantly through our Just Connect Technology, no need for lengthy phone calls
  • Avoid misunderstandings about ordered items, the order is printed for you in a clear and understandable way
  • Avoid misunderstandings about the time and place of delivery

Earn more money
  • Increase your turnover by activating the Internet ordering channel.
  • Our always-growing user database ensures you will get new customers all the time.
  • Benefit from larger orders generated through our optimized online ordering platform.

It´s that easy!

Interested? Give us a call and we will arrange for a visit from one of our sales reps who will be happy to answer all your questions.

Call 877 338 0568 to receive more information!