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McDonald's - South Melbourne

  Cnr City Road & Clarendon st, South Melbourne VIC 3205


 Open Thursday between:
10:30 to 23:00

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Minimum order:  $20

McDonald's - South Melbourne Schedule
Delivery Schedule
00:00 to 03:00
10:30 to 23:00
10:30 to 23:00
10:30 to 23:00
10:30 to 23:00
10:30 to 23:00
10:30 to 23:59
00:00 to 03:00
10:30 to 23:59
About McDonald's - South Melbourne

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  • PLEASE NOTE:- The Create Your Taste Not Available for Delivery.. Shakes and Ice Creams are NOT AVAILABLE TO ORDER IN ANY MEALS!!
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Overall Restaurant Rating 5.6

Food 5.6 Value 5.9 Speed 5.1
Based on 777 good user reviews
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  • Overall 2.7 |  Food 3  |  Value 4  |  Speed 1

    Realy rude customer service Took a very long time Delivery driver was nice everybody else was rude af

  • Overall 1 |  Food 1  |  Value 1  |  Speed 1

    worst fckin McDonald I ever seen, always forgot to deliver.

  • Overall 2.3 |  Food 1  |  Value 5  |  Speed 1

    Rang them twice to find out when the food was arriving . Kept getting told that driver was on his way. We only live 5 minutes away took driver 30 minutes. By which time food was cold . Will not ever order from them again.

  • Overall 1 |  Food 1  |  Value 1  |  Speed 1

    Would not accept order at 10.00pm

  • Overall 3 |  Food 3  |  Value 5  |  Speed 1

    Very late, couldn't contact as they won't answer phone. Order was wrong and couldn't do anything. Never ever again. Terrible terrible. You have been warned.

  • Overall 6.7 |  Food 5  |  Value 5  |  Speed 10

    i ordered a coke zero and a coke and don't know which one is which. asked for extra mac sauce got ketchup???

  • Overall 4 |  Food 5  |  Value 5  |  Speed 2

    The fries always arrive soggy which is a shame

  • Overall 5 |  Food 3  |  Value 7  |  Speed 5

    They didn't include any of our fries :(

  • Overall 1 |  Food 1  |  Value 1  |  Speed 1

  • Overall 4.3 |  Food 5  |  Value 7  |  Speed 1

    Ordered home delivery at 7pm....recieved a text would be delivered at 9.30 i had to drive to mcdonalds to get my order....very very disappointed...

  • Overall 3.3 |  Food 4  |  Value 5  |  Speed 1

    it was a poor experience for a first time purchase for McDonalds in South Melbourne. being located in Docklands on Bourke Street should really take over an hour to deliver food. placed an order and received a confirmation email at 12:13pm and did not arrive at my location till just about 1:15. poor effort

  • Overall 4.3 |  Food 5  |  Value 4  |  Speed 4

  • Overall 4.3 |  Food 4  |  Value 6  |  Speed 3

    Chips were soggy and cold. The drinks had a smell to them like they had been stored somewhere milk had been spilled - sour smell. Took an hour to arrive.

  • Overall 7 |  Food 10  |  Value 8  |  Speed 3

  • Overall 4.3 |  Food 5  |  Value 7  |  Speed 1

  • Overall 5.3 |  Food 8  |  Value 7  |  Speed 1

  • Overall 3.7 |  Food 5  |  Value 5  |  Speed 1

    It took 3 hours for our order to be delivered which was 2 hours after the advised delivery time and I had to ring them twice to follow up. I should never had to pay for it after all that

  • Overall 5 |  Food 6  |  Value 5  |  Speed 4

  • Overall 1 |  Food 1  |  Value 1  |  Speed 1

    I had to wait 3.5 hours for food and when I got it the meals were missing items, all the food was cold! I rung countless times and spoke to staff which had assured me the driver was on his way, half an hour after I rung again and staff told me same thing. An hour later they said the driver took it to a different apartment so they remade my order and said it'll take 15minutes which then turned into 30minutes. And now I'm going in to see management on the following business day. NOT FAST FOOD, DISSAPOINTED!

  • Overall 2.3 |  Food 1  |  Value 1  |  Speed 5

  • Overall 1 |  Food 1  |  Value 1  |  Speed 1

    Honestly if you are going to do delivery your food needs to be packaged for it, I'm sure your well aware once it goes cold it is sh£t! not going to waste our time or money doing this again unless changes are made, their is much better value from other places that actually deliver their food in a suitable condition to eat if you are reading this don't even waste your time unless you like flat Coke and cold fries.


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McDonald's - South Melbourne
Cnr City Road & Clarendon st, South Melbourne VIC        Contact details
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Contact details - McDonald's - South Melbourne
Cnr City Road & Clarendon st, South Melbourne VIC
(03) 9690 5345
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    Deliveries, Takeaway
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