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Papa's Pizza

  Shop 9 Central Avenue, Altona Meadows VIC 3028

  Italian, Pizza

 Open Tuesday between:
16:45 to 21:00

Minimum order:  $20

Papa's Pizza Schedule
Delivery Schedule
15:00 to 21:15
16:45 to 21:00
16:45 to 21:00
16:45 to 21:45
17:00 to 21:45
16:00 to 21:45
13:00 to 22:00
Takeaway Schedule
15:00 to 21:30
16:00 to 21:00
16:00 to 21:00
16:00 to 22:00
16:00 to 22:00
16:00 to 22:00
13:00 to 22:00
About Papa's Pizza

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Overall Restaurant Rating 7.8

Food 7.5 Value 7.9 Speed 8
Based on 35 good user reviews
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  • Overall 7.7 |  Food 8  |  Value 7  |  Speed 8

  • Overall 7.7 |  Food 7  |  Value 8  |  Speed 8

  • Overall 3 |  Food 1  |  Value 4  |  Speed 4

    Pizza was pretty horrible. Didn't taste like anything, base was soggy, toppings just slid right off. Would say it's the worst pizza I've had in the area.

  • Overall 5 |  Food 3  |  Value 5  |  Speed 7

    Pizza used to be good but gone downhill big time. Dont normally review but seeing as it seems most of thwir staff do thought i should put up something more honest.

  • Overall 7.3 |  Food 7  |  Value 7  |  Speed 8

  • Overall 7.3 |  Food 7  |  Value 7  |  Speed 8

    Loosing business as menulog lists you as closed on saturday so have gone elsewhere. Fix this

  • Overall 10 |  Food 10  |  Value 10  |  Speed 10

    Best Pizza Shop in the area. AAA+++

  • Overall 8 |  Food 9  |  Value 9  |  Speed 6

  • Overall 2.7 |  Food 5  |  Value 2  |  Speed 1

  • Overall 10 |  Food 10  |  Value 10  |  Speed 10

    Not only is the resturant impeccably clean and friendly when i walk in , there food and service is amazing when delivered as well. Ive lived in the area for half a decade and let me say it now this place is a legend and an establishment that makes altona meadows shine. The food tastes awesome and some of the pizzas are so unique nowhere else tastes like them. The owner is friendly and passionate about what he does and for what you get the pricing is brilliant.

  • Overall 5 |  Food 5  |  Value 5  |  Speed 5


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Papa's Pizza
Shop 9 Central Avenue, Altona Meadows VIC        Contact details
Italian, Pizza
Contact details - Papa's Pizza
Shop 9 Central Avenue, Altona Meadows VIC
+61 .3 9360 7433
  • Restaurant Details

    Amex, Cash, Mastercard, Visa
    Deliveries, Takeaway
    Gluten Free, Vegan Option
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