2 Fat Ducks Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese Asian

68 John Street, Pakenham, 3810

Delivery from 12:30

Steamed-rice served with lettuce, carrot and cucumber.

Home-styled noodle soup with rice flat noodle, basil, onion, bean sprouts, chili, lemon and homemade sauce.

Vermicelli noodle served with sliced lettuce, bean sprouts, scallion-oil, cucumber, carrot, mint and homemade sauce.

Spring rolls (carrot, lettuce, Vietnamese mint) served with homemade dipping sauce.

Rice paper roll with carrot, lettuce, mint, cold noodle served with homemade Hoisin sauce.

Vietnamese salad with carrot, shredded cabbage, mint, prawn cracker and homemade sauce.

GF: Gluten Free

GF: Gluten Free

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