Beyond India - Modbury North

Indian Vegetarian Halal

108 Kelly rd, Modbury North, 5092

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Note: Beyond India - Modbury North gives customers the chance to choose from a diverse menu of traditional cuisine from India. You can try various well-seasoned lamb, chicken, beef, seafood, vegetarian, and rice dishes. We also serve salads and flatbreads, which are referred to as "naan" in India. We know how much appetizers matter, so we include Indian favourites such as raita dip, chutney, and papadam crackers on the menu. Customers ordering dessert will enjoy sweets like kulfi, traditional Indian-style ice cream, and gulab jamun, which are pistachio dumplings coated with sugar syrup.

All entrées are served with either mint or tamarind chutney unlessotherwise stated

All prawn dishes are served with a timbale of pilau rice

All basmati rice

All our naans, roti and kulcha are freshly baked in the tandoor

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