Cairo Cafe

Cafe Middle Eastern

214 Campbell Road, Canning Vale, 6155

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Butterfly chicken BBQ over the charcoal. Grandma’s way marinated with your choice of garlic and herbs - special spicy sauce).

*Sides: Rice (Biryani - Oriental) / Chips / Salad / Dips / Pickles

All dips served with Lebanese bread and crispy bread.

VG - Vegan

13" inches "(Large only)

We make our own shawarma (kebab) meat. We marinate some of the best cuts of meat overnight and we make on the spit and cook it fresh daily.

VG - Vegan

All platters are served with Hommus and Garlic Dip + Lebanese Bread + Salad + Biryani Rice/ Oriental Rice / Chips.

Extras to share.

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