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Sri Lankan Indian

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Note: Acharu - Sri Lankan pickle.

Goroka - Smoked dried sour berries commonly used in seafood and park dishes.

Hopper (or Appam) - Bowl shaped fermented rice and coconut milk.

Kalupol - Blackened curry powder made with coconut, rice and chillies.

Kiri Hodi - A mild coconut milk gravy.

Maldive Fish - Sun dried bonilo fish.

Moju - Pickled aubergine.

Pol Sambol - Sri Lankan relish made with fresh ground coconut, Maldive fish, onion and red chilli.

Seeni Sambol - Caramelized onion relish.

String Hopper (or Idiyappam) - Steamed handmade rice flour noodles pressed into discs.

Tamarind - Dried sour fruit.

Lunu Miris - Shallots, crushed chilli, and tomato lime juice.

Jaggery - Organic kithul syrup extract.

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