Donut King - Sugarland


Sugarland Plaza, Kiosk 3, 115/119 Takalvan Street, Avoca, 4670

Delivery from 08:30

This is the perfect box for family bonding.

you will receive

- 12 plain donuts, lollies, sprinkles and your choice of our legendary DK fondant:

chocolate, strawberry, caramel or vanilla (subject to availability)

extra fondants, sprinkles and lollies are available as an optional extra.

please ensure donuts are fully cooled before icing and fondant has been heated and stirred (by an adult) and is of a smooth and runny consistency. Reheat as required.

Warm, fresh, fluffy and delicious.

Grab a drink and chill.

Classic DK dog soft bun and frankfurt and sauce.

Scrumptious toasted sandwiches.

Our unique, smooth blend is made exclusively for donut king and each delicious cup is brewed to perfection by our qualified in store baristas.

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