Dosa Hut - Geelong


126 Ryrie Street, Geelong, 3220

Delivery from 17:30

Chicken, goat and lamb.

Traditional claypot oven.

All our dum biryanis are classic Hyderabadi Mughlai style chicken, goat or veggies marinated with fresh mint, coriander, lemon, brown onion, our Dosa Hut secret biryani masala and spices, layered with aromatic classic basmatic rice, brown onion, desi ghee, saffron and cooked in authentic dum style. Dum is authentic style of slow cooking to get aroma of meat or veggies, rice and spices together.

All breads are baked in tandoor (claypot oven).

Special pancake mix made of lentils, rice, semolina and slowly cooked to perfection.

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