Dosa Hut - Mount Gravatt

Indian Gluten Free Halal

Shop 21/1932 Logan Road, Upper Mount Gravatt, 4122

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Stir fried basmati rice tossed on a wok with veggies and seasonings.

All of our dum biryanis are classic Hyderabadi Mughlai style chicken or goat or veggies marinated with yoghurt, fresh mint, coriander, lemon, brown onion, our Dosa Hut secret biryani masala and spices. Layered with aromatic classic basmati rice, brown onion, desi ghee, saffron and cooked in authentic dum style. Dum is authentic style of slow cooking to get aroma of meat or veggies, rice and spices together.

Boiled noodles stir fried with shredded vegetables in a wok.

South Indian crispy crepe made from rice flour and lentils.

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