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Vietnamese Asian

AG32, 52 Soldiers Parade, Edmondson Park, 2174

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Served on steamed rice, house pickles, mixed salad, spring onion oil, onion chips, nuoc mam.

Chilli Jam Scotch Fillet and Atlantic Smoked Salmon - Mixed salad, Asian herbs, house pickles, peanut or nuoc mam.

Marinated Chicken Breast and Lemongrass Tofu - Mixed salad, Asian herbs, house pickles, peanut sauce.

All served with mini Banh Mi

With Vietnamese Spam - Sunny side eggs, house pate, cherry tomatoes, pork floss.

With Seared Tify - Cucumber, cherry tomatoes, dukkha, dried seaweed, house tomato chutney.

With Chilli Garlic Tiger Prawns - Pickled vegetables, house chilli jam.

All garnished with Asian herbs and bean sprouts.

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