Forestville Bakery


Shop 63 The Centre Darley Street, Forestville, 2087

Delivery from 09:30

Freshly bake cheese and bacon roll filled with butter. Lettuce. CarrotπŸ₯• Tomato πŸ… Mayonnaise. Meat and cheese

White or wholemeal long roll. Filled with sunflower butter. Paste. Mayo. Meat. Soy Sauce. Cucumber. Shallot. Onion. Pickle Carrot. Coriander and Chili.


Lettuce. Tomato πŸ… Carrot πŸ₯• beetroot. Cucumber πŸ₯’ onion 🌰 dressing and meat. Cheese and avocado πŸ₯‘ optional

White. Wholemeal or Multigrain Bread fill with butter 🧈 Paste. Mayonnaise. Meat. Soy. Cucumber πŸ₯’. Shalot. Onion 🌰. Coriander and chili optional.

Wholemeal. White or Multigrain Bread fill with butter 🧈. Lettuce. Carrot πŸ₯•. Tomato πŸ…. Mayonnaise. Meat and Cheese πŸ§€

Do you like any vanilla butter icing and cinnamon on top?

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