Giuliani's Family Pizzeria

Pizza Italian

234-236 Cowper Street, Warrawong, 2502

Delivery from Tue 17:30

$4.99 delivery fee

No min. order

Meal deals offer is not available every Friday and Saturday.

Gluten free pizza bases available (one size only).

With your choice of sauce from our selection below;

Bolognese - Italian beef based tomato sauce.

Arrabiata - Napoletana sauce with chilli.

Carbonara - Bacon, egg, onion, cream and Parmesan cheese.

Boscaiola - Mushroom, ham, bacon, onion and cream.

Napoletana - Traditional Italian tomato sauce.

San Remo - Napoletana sauce with capers, olives and chilli.

Marinara - Tomato based seafood sauce.

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