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Taiwanese Chinese

World Square - Shop 10.19B /91 Liverpool Street, Sydney, 2000

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台式燒餅類 / Traditional Pastries and Pancakes

紫米飯糰類 / Glutinous Rice Roll

台式精選手作便當系列 / Rice and Bento Selection

粥品類 / Rice Congee

新品套餐/New Set

早餐特惠/Special Breakfast

熱門套餐系列 / Set Menu

黑白切 / Entree

台式湯品類 / Soup

傳統小吃類 / Traditional Favourites

精選手工麵類 / Noodle Selection

炸翻天系列 / Taiwanese Fried Selection

台式嚴選手工水餃系列 / Taiwanese Dumpling Selection

飲品類 / Soy Bean Milk and Drinks

假日限定/Weekends Only

台式熱炒 Taiwanese Stir-Fry Dishes (NEW!!)

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