Killiney Kopitiam - Canberra

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Shop EG03, 148 Bunda Street, Canberra, 2601

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Killiney’s favourites are our mostly ordered items which stands the test of time. From street snacks, entree to share or traditional Singaporean taste. Famously flavourful dishes which you must try.

Dip these Roti with a selection of our variety of sauces from our curry chicken, dry curry (rendang), nutty satay sauce or even sweet selection from our homemade Kaya.

The Killiney laksa broth contains an abundance of aromatic spices, herbs, and belacan that are grounded and mixed with premium coconut milk to deliver the authentic taste of laksa to you, with options of laksa or mixed noodles.

Killiney does wok section, having our stir fried dishes come with a hint of “wok-hai”, which literally translation meaning “breath of the wok” as each dish is curated with special sauces and cooked over high heat that will allow you to taste classic stir fried dishes exceptionally.

We take pride and confidence in serving our well-known traditional rich aromatic freshly brewed coffee and tea, also homemade drinks that take you to the chance to indulge in a wholesome goodness just like a drink in a typical hot scratching Singapore day.

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