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Single portion boxed meal that included Rice, Main, a piece of Agedashi Tofu, a piece of Prawn Katsu, Wakame salad and Miso soup.

Donburi literally ("bowl", also commonly referred to as "don" is a Japanese "rice bowl dish" consisting of meat, vegetables or other ingredients simmered together and served over rice). Donburi is sometimes called "sweetened" or "savory stew on rice". The simmering sauce varies according to season, ingredients, region and taste. A typical sauce might consist of dashi flavoured with soy sauce and mirin.

With miso soup and salad.

Korean Fried Chicken is renowned the world over for its superior taste. The magical balance of the crispiest crust and the juiciest meat marinated and seasoned with our special house spices will surprise and delight. 

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish that comes in various broths served with toppings of meat and vegetables. Kou Ramen has a range of ramens that will not only please die-hard Tonkotsu ramen fans but also the tastes of those who are inclined to try our chicken, seafood or vegetarian ramens.

Tonkotsu Ramen

Kou Ramen prides itself in preparing with dedication select tonkotsu (pork-bone) broth which is simmered for a minimum of 10 hours seasoned with garlic, ginger, onion and shallot yielding a pork broth that is reduced until it is layered with creamy, rich textures, served with nori, shallots, mushrooms and specialty eggs making our Ramen a hearty dish you will savour. We make our broth each and every day to serve our customers with original Japanese Ramen.

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