Little Ramen Bar - Melbourne

Japanese Asian

369 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000

Delivery from 18:00

Ramen Topping descriptions:

* Godzilla Ramen - Make any ramen a large size. Double noodles and double soup.

* BBQ Pork Slices - Five (5) delicious slices of our tender BBQ pork.

* Seasoned Egg - Soft-boiled egg seasoned in the traditional marinade.

* Corn - Add a scoop of corn to your ramen for some extra flavour!

* Mountain of Beansprouts - Pile on some beansprouts for some extra freshness.

* Garlic Bomb - An explosion of crushed garlic infused into any ramen.

* Butter - Is there anything that doesn't taste better with butter?

* Roasted Seaweed - Extra roasted seaweed sheets.

* Extra Noodles - An extra serving of egg noodles.

* Gluten Free Noodles - An extra serving of rice noodles.

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