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Spanish Tapas

178 Victoria Street, Potts Point, 2011

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Two slices of cold cut or manchego bread.

GF = Gluten Free

GF = Gluten Free

GF = Gluten Free

Since 1840, Spanish conservas have always been distinguished for carefully preserved and high quality. We served the highest quality of best selection conservas imported from Basque, Galicia and Cantabria region of Northern Spain.

GF = Gluten Free

GF = Gluten Free

VG = Vegan

Choices of Cheese:

•Mahon De Menorca - Aged six months cow cheese from Menorca. The pride of Menorca and cured for six months. Mahon Curado has a sharp lemony flavour, tangy, intense and delicious with a hard crumbly texture.

•Manchego - Aged six months sheep cheese from La Mancha Manchego has been made in La Mancha since the time of the Romans and has been enjoyed by cheese lovers for centuries. This iconic Spanish cheese is made from only the milk of Oveja Manchega.

•Queso Azul - Blue cheese of sheep's milk from Navarra Spanish Pasteurized Ewe's Milk Blue Cheese. A powerful yet pleasant flavour, slightly piquant with a distinct marbled texture.

Our paellas are cooked from the scratch. Please allow 20 to 30 minutes from ordering. The minimum order is for 2 people and the price is per person

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