Manoosh Pizzeria

Pizza Lebanese

170 Enmore rd, Enmore, 2042

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Note: Manoosh Pizzeria brings a new fusion of pizzeria and traditional Lebanese cuisine to Enmore, Sydney, as well as to your door. If youre new to Manoosh, we recommend our folded meat pizza (lahembajin) and our haloumi cheese pie, just two staples of our five-time Best Takeaway Award-winning restaurant. Our menu offers a wide selection of choices to suit any palate, from six-meat pizza to authentic zaatar bread and wraps. Order here knowing that delicious and authentic fusion food is only a few clicks away.

SV = Super Vegan

Choose Your Own Protein With Any Of The Specialty Wraps:

• Crispy Crumbed Chicken Breast

• Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

• Hot Pepper Chicken Breast (Spicy)

• Lamb Kufta

• Slow-Cooked Tender Pulled Beef

• Sujuk Beef Sausage

• Falafel (Vegan)

• Plant-Based Meatballs

• Plant-Based Sliced Chicken

• Plant-Based Southern Style Tenders

SV = Super Vegan

SV = Super Vegan

SV = Super Vegan

SV = Super Vegan

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