Mondo Fresco - Riverton

Italian Pasta

Shop P06 Stockland Riverton Shopping Centre, Parkwood, 6147

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Choose between regular or with a side pasta. Gluten free advisory – Certified gluten free. Produced in dedicated gluten free facility. No GMO ingredients. Delicious blend of corn and rice. Gluten free pasta are outsourced and not freshly made as all other pastas. We go to great lengths to identify allergens in the food we prepare, however we cannot guarantee that they have been created in a 1005 allergen free environment. Celiac patients should consider that we cannot guarantee that the pastas, sauces or mains will be 100% gluten free. They may still contain traces of gluten due to the environment we work in.

NOTE: Vegan cheese will not make the pizza vegan.

Freshly made pasta of your choice. Jumbo tray (catering tray) Serves 5-7 people.

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