Nori Sushi Mater

Japanese Sushi

Princess Plaza Shopping Centre, Shop 3, Woolloongabba, 4102

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$10 min. order

House made Japanese curry served with rice and preferred topping and salad.

Topped fresh salad (cabbage & ginger) with preferred meat with rice and special sauce.

Bento - Japanese style meat plate, served with Tempura prawn, Gyoza, spring roll, rice, salad and sauce.

Bonito soy sauce based soup, served with Udon noodle and your choice of topping.

Pork bone soup based Ramen noodles, served with sliced pork Chashu,red ginger, boiled egg, spring onion and nori.

2 pieces per an order.

2 pieces per an order.

2 pieces per an order.

1 piece per an order.

6 pieces per an order.

4 Pieces.

4 pieces per an order.

Stir fired noodle with Yaki sauce and your choice of topping and noodle (Noodle option-Udon noodle or egg noodle).

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