Pablo's Charcoal Chicken

Burgers Chicken

664 Crown Street , Surry Hills, 2010

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Note: Pablos Charcoal Chicken in Surry Hills, Sydney, lives up to its name with juicy chicken thats served straight from the fire pit, and our charcoal pork ribs are just as delicious. If you cant decide between the two meats, go for the chicken/rib combo. Our hot chips have a fantastic reputation as well, and frequent customers highly recommend dipping them in Dutch mayonnaise. For a complete meal, get a pack with chicken, chips and a salad. Another favourite is the chicken roll with mayonnaise on a toasted bun.

we use only fresh 120g whole breast fillets, grain fed and hormone free

grain fed and hormone free chicken, 100% cholestrole free chips and fresh salad

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