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Pizza Sizes: Regular = 10 inches, Large = 13 inches, Family = 16 inches, G Free = 11 inches, All our signature pizzas are served on our traditional Napolitan hand thrown dough base to give the optimum light base - not too thick and not too thin..Just right (optional). We cover the base with our family developed delicious tomato sauce (optional) and then topped with these delicious topping combinations Gluten free 11 inch

Pizza Inns latest additions to our delicious range, the Gourmet pizzas, are a brilliant variation of our traditional Napoletan style pizzas. Using the same delicious bread dough base just thin and crispy allows the focus to move to the spectacular taste sensations created by our ingredient combinations

Indulge your pasta cravings with delicious hot Spaghetti or Fettuccine with your choice of our authentic Italian sauces Our home made Bolognaise sauce lovingly cooked with fresh mince, garlic, onions and our own combination of herbs and spices to give you the tastiest bolognaise sauce just like Mama used to make Straight from Mamas kitchen in Naples our Napoletana sauce blends our own crushed tomato sauce recipe with selected herbs for a fresh light flavour that complements any pasta dish you fancy. Combining the freshest mushrooms, juicy bacon and fresh thick cream, our Boscaiola sauce adds that creamy smooth flavour to your pasta that will just slide down to your tummy and make you go Ahhhh

One of our most alternate dishes is the USA style pork rib rack, smoked with hickory chips to provide a distinct flavour to the succulent flesh that melts off the bone. Dipped in our special BBQ rib sauce and served with potato wedges and a sweet corn cobette, this is a feast for a hungry man or a not so hungry couple

The Pizza Inn Garlic Bread Roll has a crunchy crust with a soft inner texture and each slice is spread with a combination of garlic butter and chopped parsley. Pizza Inn's snack favourite the Pizza Base Garlic Bread is a medium sized thicker style base, spread with garlic butter and parsley and baked to a delicious golden brown. Try it with mozzarella cheese on top for added flavour! Pizza Inn also offers a Pizza Base Herb Bread which also offers a medium sized thicker style base, spread with a blend of butter and Italian herbs as a tasty alternate snack flavour. For something out of the ordinary, try our Pizza Base Basil Pesto Bread offered as a medium sized, thicker style base, spread with butter and topped with basil pesto

In addition to Pizza Inns unique range of dessert pizzas, we also offer other tempting treats, try one of these delicious desserts to top off your meal

In addition to Pizza Inns unique range of Dessert Pizzas, we also offer other tempting treats. Try one of these delicious desserts to top off your meal

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