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Grab Our Most Popular Iced Drinks to Cool Down With! From Ice Coffees made to order, all the way through to canned cold brew - we have the best way to cool down this hot summer!

Check Out Our Most Popular Items that our customers are in love with every day!

Have a look at our breakfast items for you to enjoy at home! They don't have to be purchased at breakfast time, you can get them anytime!

Check out of range of lunch time items that you can purchase at lunch time or anytime!

These bagels are the real deal! Made by Holy Bagel Company, you'll love these as much as we do! Pick the bagel you want and the fillings that you need and have it all delivered!

These are the quiches that you live and die for - made locally from local ingredients!

We have a pretty good range of sweet treats - you'll want to make sure you grab one!

Takeaway Coffee and Our Other Hot Beverages

Made by our friends at The Juicist, our range of cold pressed juices are freshly made weekly from farm to press, with as little interference as possible. Raw, nutrient dense and great tasting. Where possible, the majority of our ingredients are local, organic and spray free.

Check out our range of Kombucha! Remember if you like it, you can come into store and get a carton for home!

Check out our range of Smoothies!

It's hot out there so cool down with our Iced Drinks!

Want something cold and different - we got some things here for you!

Check out some of the cool new retail packages that we have available! Curated to ensure that you get the best of our products delivered directly to your door and support small local businesses in the process

No need to leave the house anymore - grab everything you need to have your own cafe at home right here. From coffee beans to milk, we have you covered!

Do you want the best quality bread and bagels for home but don't want to get off the couch to grab it - order here and get it delivered! Please note: bagels may come delivered frozen

Needing some special items for the pantry - we have you sorted with a wide range of pantry fillers from local small businesses!

Unique sweet treats that will help you through the day!

Order food for yourself and some for your best friend so they can enjoy breakfast in bed with you!

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