Saigon Rolls - St Leonards

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1 Sergeants Lane, St Leonards, 2065

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Signature pate, mayonnaise and soy sauce, our very own pickled carrots and radish, with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, coriander, onion, shallots on a Vietnamese baguette roll.

Handmade daily. Delicate rice paper rolled with vermicelli noodles, fresh mints and lettuce served with our own hoi sin sauce (box of 3).

Vermicelli noodles with our very own pickled carrots, fresh mints, lettuce, cucumber topped with fried onion and peanuts and our light ‘nuoc mam’ dressing.

Fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickled carrots and radish, onion, coriander and house made dressing.

Delicate rice noodles in an aromatic slow-cooked broth infused with our own spice mix topped with shallots, coriander, onions and Asian herbs.

Light and super tasty.

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