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The rice is low GI and taste just like normal Jasmine rice but even better. The meal is freshly cooked with local ingredients and sealed for freshness.

Old time favourite street food (mild to medium hot).

Old time favourite street food (mild to medium hot).

Stir fried meat and vegetables with no chilli. In oyster sauce.

Extra protein with peanut in your stir fried, known as Pad Pra Ram Long Song.

Exotic flavour stir fried meat and vegetables with herbs and chilli, ask for mild of you can't handle hot stuff.

Garlicky, peppery stir fried served with side salad. Not available in crispy meat and duck.

Crispy meat in stir fried vegetables and 3 flavour sauces, cashew nuts and whole dried chilli. Medium hot.

Real exotic Thai dish, loaded with lemongrass and kafir lime leaves. Medium hot.

Stir fried Gailan or Chinese broccoli. Mild heat.

Fresh green chilli curry with coconut milk vegetables and tofu, chicken or beef.

Red chilli base curry with coconut milk, vegetables with choice of vegetarian, beef, chicken, crispy pork or crispy chicken or duck.

Mild curry but thick and creamy with peanut flavour. Choose from: vegetarian, beef, chicken, crispy pork, crispy chicken and duck.

Influenced Thai curry with spices and herbs, coconut milk cooked with beef or chicken and potatoes.

Chunky beef slowly cooked in herbs, spices and coconut cream. Very mild.

The famous noodle dish, rice noodles stir-fried in special sauce with egg, tofu, and bean sprouts. Served with crushed peanuts and lemon. Choice of chicken or prawns.

Flat rice noodle stir fried with delicious soy sauce, vegetables and meat of your choice. Beef, chicken or prawns.

Crispy egg noodles in Thai style gravy and vegetables and meat of your choice: beef, chicken, or prawns.

Stir fried flat rice noodle, vegetables, herbs including chilli and basil. Choice of beef, chicken or prawns.

Egg noodles in curry style soup with vegetables and chicken or beef top with boiled eggs.

Rice noodle soup topped with stew beef, chicken, vegetables and crispy garlic.

Home made curry pastes and condiments for Thai home cooking.

Home cooked products.

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