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Smoothies / Waffles / Bowls and Teas (Hot & Cold) go hand-in-hand for feeling great! Our Smoothies, Waffles & Bowls are packed with nutrients, whilst our Teas help with the absorption of those nutrients.

Snacks that will keep you going, make you feel great and taste so unbelievably amazing!

Our Healthy Energising Teas are made of a blend of Green/Black tea to elevate your metabolism & focus, Orange Pekoe & Hibiscus which promote better health and are packed with Antioxidants, along with a splash of Charcoal Filtered Aloe Vera for better digestive health.

They’re also Vegan & SUGAR-FREE and contain less than 15 calories per cup which makes it the perfect Hydrating & Energising drink all day, every day!

Using a naturally flavoured energy booster formulated with a blend of caffeine and B-vitamins to help provide support in energy production which helps you to stay alert and focus without any nasty ingredients. It contains 75mg of Caffeine, derived from Guarana and caffeine powder. Also Includes a hydration booster to elevate your hydation level, electrolytes and Vitamin B12's.

Our Smoothies contain 21 essential vitamins & minerals (meal replacement base), 15g-30g carbs & 15g-30g protein – all under 350 calories. All smoothies are made with Ice & Water – No Dairy (toppings excluded)

High Protein Drinks

Ever craved something sweet but you’re trying to be on your best behaviour? We’ve got you covered! Our protein waffles are made with high grade meal replacement, almond milk and topped with seasonal fruit, sugar free syrups and whip cream! Available in Original, Chocolate or Gluten Free versions, it’s the ultimate healthy treat.

Our waffles are made with Water & almond milk - NO ADDED DAIRY

Healthy Bowls


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