Star Pizza & Pasta Cafe


206 Mason st, Newport, 3015

Delivery from 13:20

Note: At Star Pizza & Pasta Cafe, our pizza and Italian restaurant in Newport, Melbourne, were known for excellent chicken Hawaiian as well as meat lovers and garlic pizzas. Another customer favourite is The Lot pizza that "comes with everything except egg." Some of our unique pizzas you may want to try are the House Special, topped with hot salami, shredded meat, peppers and onions, the Newport Special, the Star Cafe and the Wally Special. Customers love the tenderness and freshness of our pastas, with popular choices being carbonara, lasagne, dello chef and pesto. Chocolate lovers may want to add a Nutella pizza or homemade chocolate mousse for dessert.

all pizza have tomato & cheese base and on top

large & family pizza only

served with fresh sauce

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