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10, 123 James Street, Northbridge, 6003

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With Thai chilli and satay sauce. Our starters are also ideal finger foods that go along well with beer and wine at your house party. We also offer a “tappas” version – several small portions combined.

Served with sticky rice and Thai chilli and/or satay sauce. The premium cuts of meats are marinated with traditional Thai recipes that we gathered from street-food stalls in Thailand.

Thai stir fries (pad) contain eggs and peanuts or cashew nuts. Please advise us of any dietary requirements. Fish sauce and Oyster sauces are also typically used. We offer a “semi-vegetarian option” with out meat, but eggs and fish & oyster sauce cannot be eliminated.

Our delicious Thai meat salads are meat salads with charcoal grilled pork, beef, chicken, or duck filets, which are thinly sliced. They are eaten traditionally with sticky rice, steamed rice or just on its own. The salads may contain traces of peanuts, although they are not part of the recipe. If you are allergic to peanuts, please let us know!

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