The Darbar Indian Nepalese


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Cooked in Nepalese and Indian style with chef's special condiments.

Cooked with fresh diced onion, tomato and capsicum.

Ccooked with traditional Kashmiri masala with fresh onions and tomato sauce.

A Mughlai dish cooked in an onion sauce with cashew nuts and mild spices.

Highly spiced cooked in a sharp tangy sauce with potatoes, a favourite from Southern Indian

Cooked with capsicum, tomatoes and real spices from Northern India.

Prepared in the classic style with onions and tomato sauce.

A popular North Indian dish with onions, tomato sauce and capsicum.

Cooked in a tomato and onion sauce with special Indian homemade style spices after being roasted in the tandoor oven.

Cooked in a combination of fresh garlic, ginger, tomatoes and onions.

A curry cooked with blend of spices with onion sauce, mustard seeds, coconut milk and curry leaves.

Cooked with fresh English spinach blended with onions, tomatoes, herbs and spices.

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