WonderFuh Viet Street Food

Vietnamese Asian

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GF = Gluten Free

Crispy fried spring roll made with unique rice net paper, containing crab meat, shrimp meat, taro, yam bean and wood ear mushroom served with sweet chilli sauce.

Thin vermicelli noodle, iceberg lettuce, carrot pickle and Vietnamese mint with your choice of protein wrapped in rice paper sheet. Served with our special hoisin peanut butter sauce or fish sauce relish. (GF=Gluten Free, V=Vegan)

GF = Gluten Free

Baked on site crunchy Viet baguette filled with pork pate, Viet mayonnaise, pickled carrot, cucumbers and pickled radish topped with coriander with soy sauce.

Rice noodle served in eight hour slow cooked beef aromatic broth topped with your choice of protein, basil, shallot and beansprout.

Pack of two baos. Soft steam leaf bun stuffed with red cabbage, carrot pickles, crushed peanuts, coriander, topped with hoisin and mayonnaise sauce.

Thin vermicelli with herbs of coriander, sliced cucumber, red cabbage, lettuce, and carrot pickle. Served with fish sauce nuoc mam, topped with fried onion, and crushed peanut. (GF=Gluten Free)

Buttered soft steamed rice sided with light pickled red cabbages, sliced cucumber and pickled carrot. Served with nuoc mam garlic fish sauce relish.

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