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How good is breakfast? Whether it's a gluttonous, hangover-curing brekkie, or a healthy acai bowl, we could easily eat breakfast any time of the day (or night). Breakfast meals vary greatly depending on the country and culture. For example, a traditional Japanese breakfast might be rice, miso soup, and a raw egg, while in India savoury rice cakes and pancakes with chutney and sambar, or flatbread with vegetable curry are all menu staples, depending on the region. A traditional Hong Kong breakfast often features dim sum (yum!), and in China, breakfast can mean anything from deep fried bread sticks and doughnuts, to pancakes and noodle soups.

We're pretty sure the concept of breakfast has existed as long as humans have been around. After all, who wakes up after a good night's sleep and doesn't want to eat? In fact, the word "breakfast" refers to "breaking the fast" from the evening before. With our melting pot of different nationalities and cultures, breakfast in Australia means different things to different people. Also, over time, the traditional cereal and white toast or fried eggs on Sundays have evolved to include healthier options, like muesli bowls with fruit, or millennial favourite, avocado toast.

Did you know that eating a nutritious breakfast has been proven to aid in fat burning throughout the day, helps to control blood pressure, reduces the incidence of daytime cravings, lowers the chance of heart disease, and keeps the brain sharp? The meal of champions!