6 healthier desserts to get delivered

6 healthier desserts to get delivered

Once upon a time, desserts were all about sugar, sugar and more sugar. These days, cakes and desserts just have to look Instagram-worthy or taste super delish in order for you to give them a go. We’ve rounded up our top picks of dessert ideas that are just as fun as the naughty stuff, but won’t leave you feeling anywhere near as guilty.

Strawberry sorbet

Tiramisu and gelato might be ‘adulting’ desserts but it’s time to put away those sugary delights and make way for the refreshing and healthier strawberry sorbet. It’ll taste even better than the flavoured ice blocks you grew up with, loaded with real strawberries and without too much of the bad stuff.

Order strawberry sorbet from Gelato Sensation, Albert Park, VIC

Lemon polenta cake

Does your inner child come out whenever birthday cake, chocolate cake or cupcakes enter your peripheral vision? Bad habits are hard to break, particularly ones that involve goods from the bakery. It’ll take a lot of self-restraint, but a lemon polenta cake is a swap you should get behind next time the cravings kick in. Drizzled with lemon and soaked until it’s rich and moist, it’ll be the perfect little slice to have with your cuppa.

Order lemon polenta cake from Micky’s – Paddington, Paddington, NSW

Banana split

Crazy for dessert but trying to incorporate more fruit into your diet? You could go for a slice of banana bread but really, you shouldn’t look any further than a banana split. It’s topped with a few naughty things like a lil whipped cream, sprinkles and chocolate sauce but it’s fruit at its core and that counts for something.

Order banana split from Cold Rock, Deception Bay, QLD

Fruit fondue

Seeing a trend here with these fruity dessert options? Fruit on skewers dipped in glorious chocolate fondue and fudge is another tasty choice. Food on skewers is essentially stacked food, which means double the amount of food can be held at once!

Order fruit fondue from Pizza Pasta Bene, North Sydney, NSW

Mango sticky rice

Love Thai food but never ventured beyond the mains section of a Thai restaurant menu? Mango sticky rice is a traditional dessert that is truly a match made in heaven. Think creamy, sweet coconut rice and fresh mango… there’s nothing not to love. Did we mention it’s also a top gluten-free choice?

Order mango sticky rice from Dava Thai, Mornington, VIC

Fruit crumble

Is there a dessert more comforting than a classic crumble? Everyone loves a crunchy, golden crumble topping atop softly poached fruits. Apple crumble and rhubarb crumble are our crumbles of choice and perfect when topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Sometimes when we eat it, we can hear an angel sing.

Order fruit crumble from Groovy – Desserts & Savoury, Greenslopes, QLD

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