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The 7 Worst Things To Hear When You’re Hungry

These phrases are guaranteed to turn hungry into angry.

“We just ran out.”

kristen wiig hungry angry gif

Why don’t you just run out and get some more?

“You’ll spoil your dinner.”

buffy sarah michelle gellar angry

You’re spoiling my life.

“Can I try a chip?”

pumbaa angry gif

Reach for that chip at your own risk.

“I’m not hungry, let’s just share.”

sloth no

I’ll share yours, but I ain’t sharing mine.

“By the way, I threw out that old food you left in the fridge. You’re welcome.”

liz lemon where's my mac and cheese gif

And I threw your most treasured possession into a fire. Oops.

“Should you really be eating that?”

amy poehler angry gif

Yes. Yes I should.

“What about your diet?”

spongebob angry gif

Everyone knows pizza’s healthy. It’s practically a vegetable.

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