Aussies vs Kiwis – Food Battle Part 1

Aussies vs Kiwis – Food Battle Part 1

Mate or cuz? Thongs or jandals? Guy, let’s settle this debate once and for all – Aussies and Kiwis are not the same. The world seems to group Australia and New Zealand in the same mixing pot. Yes, we realise we share some similarities – our flags are almost identical and we both love a good barbie. But while we share a geographical nook, Aussies and Kiwis have many differentiating traits (and for the last time, Hollywood, we do not sound the same!). 

So how to judge this battle across the Tasman? Not with the obvious cricket or rugby, but with food! While we might share a love for a good feed (and a beer or two), there are some distinct gastronomical differences between Aussies and their jandal-wearing Kiwi cousins. 

Where Australians Order

The Faves

In the land Down Under, Aussies seem to fancy creamy pasta, buttery garlic bread and cheesy pizzas as Italian takes the top spot for favourite cuisine. After all, sharing a pizza and having a laugh with you your mates is Aussie 101. The story changes when it comes to favourite dishes with the flavoursome Pad Thai claiming the crown.

However, it seems the neighbouring Kiwis have a thing for spice as Indian is the nation’s favourite cuisine. With explosions of flavour and exciting dishes like spicy chicken tikka masala, zesty curry and mango chicken – can you really blame them? And with the beloved butter chicken named the fave dish, the love affair between Kiwis and Indian food continues!

The Battle of the Proteins

While Aussies and Kiwis jump at any chance to highlight the fact that we are not the same, our love for protein doesn’t help our case. Chicken is the number one protein for both nations, and good old-fashioned hearty lamb comes in at third. Yet, the Aussie love for a good burger can’t be denied, with beef taking out second place for Australia. And Kiwis’ love for the sea is obvious with seafood coming in at second.  


The Great Pineapple Debate

While pizza is loved by all nations (like seriously, who doesn’t love pizza?!), Aussies and Kiwis have their varying tastes. The Hawaiian pizza doesn’t seem to be controversial with the Kiwis, with this pineapple-topped dish being New Zealand’s favourite. But in the sunburnt nation, it’s a different tale with more than 7000 Aussies specifically selecting to remove pineapples from their pizzas last year! (Although a few thousand also ordered a pizza called ‘prawn star’ if that says anything about their taste…) Aussies have stuck to the simple yet delicious Margherita pizza as the nation’s top pick.

Pick up or delivery?

To pick-up or not to pick up, that is the question. It seems that the reputation that Aussies are laid-back upholds, with 80 per cent of Menulog orders being home delivery. Whereas only two-thirds of orders are delivery for the Kiwis.

Let’s add up the points…

So we do share some differences. But the question on everyone’s lips is: Which nation is better? Let’s tally up.

It’s fluffy, sweet and creamy. It’s the one and only – the classic Pavlova. You may hear Aussies claim that this delicious meringue is theirs, but don’t be fooled. This yummy dessert belongs to the Kiwis. Point NZ.

While Aussies can’t claim the delicious Pavlova; the Hemsworth brothers, Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman are undeniably True Blue. Australia has graced the Hollywood scene with great talent. You’re welcome world. Point AUS.

Poisonous snakes, venomous spiders, toothy sharks and who knows what else – Australia has pretty much every species that could kill you. In NZ there is basically nothing, just one venomous spider, the katipo, whose appearance is so rare it may as well be a myth. Point NZ.

Aussies love to shorten their words like arvo, maccas, straya. You won’t get phrases like “I’m gonna chuck a sickie” and “this place is chockers” anywhere else. G’day- need we say more? Point AUS. 

What do the great films The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and Avatar have in common? They were all partly or entirely filmed in New Zealand. So next time you’re watching The Lord of the Rings and you see the picturesque Middle-Earth, think of New Zealand. Point NZ. 

Australia is home to hundreds of amazing beaches; from Byron Bay and Surfers Paradise to Hyams Beach and Bondi. With soft golden sand and great surf, you can travel the world but you won’t find anything like Aussie beaches. Point AUS.

And the winner is…..


You know what, at the end of the day we all love and appreciate food, and let’s be honest guys, that’s all that really matters. Food conquers all, so it’s a tie! Pavlova and Vegemite all around. 

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