Best Avocado Eats

Best Avocado Eats

The silly season is well and truly over, so it’s time to start your own black ops mission: Operation Healthy. This is the year you’ll stick to those new years’ resolutions – even if until now, it’s been a little touch and go.

So, kick off your mission with our top picks for some tasty fresh avocado dishes. They’re so good they’ll make you forget all about the naughty stuff.

Chicken, bacon and avocado burger

A hamburger a day won’t keep the doctor away, but your doc will probably feel better knowing you’re at least trying to get your greens fix. Avocado is good for the heart – that much your doctor knows as fact.

Order chicken, bacon and avocado burger from BurgerHero, Braddon, ACT

Prawn and avocado sushi

Let’s get one thing straight: Japanese food like teppanyaki, sashimi and golden pieces of tempura are delicious, but sometimes a sushi roll is all you need. Filled with all the best goodies, there’s only one way to make it even more delish – and that’s the addition of avocado! Does avo make everything better? All signs point to yes.

Order prawn and avocado sushi from New Place Japanese Kitchen, Coolbinia, WA

Mexican street salad

Step aside potato and pasta salad, Mexican food is where it’s at. This colourful Mexican street salad of vibrant green avocado, deep purple cabbage, black beans and bright red pico de gallo is just what you need before that summer siesta you’re thinking of having.

Order a Mexican street salad from Jalisco Mexican, Windsor, Vic

Avocado rice paper rolls

Say avo to your little friend in a rice paper roll on a hot summer’s day. Be sure to pair it with a rice paper roll dipping sauce for best enjoyment. The hardest part is choosing between sweet chilli or hoisin sauce.

Order avocado rice paper rolls from Vietnamese Rolls, Glebe, NSW

Buddha bowl

Some consider vegetarian food to be boring, but that doesn’t ring true for a buddha bowl – it’ll please even the pickiest of meat eaters. A veggie bowl full of sweet potato, edamame and corn is – of course – best paired with avocado and topped off with a sesame dressing, toasted sesame seeds and crispy nori seaweed.

Order a buddha bowl from Eatwell Café, Balaclava, Vic

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