Get Your Hands On: Burgers

Get Your Hands On: Burgers

Burgers. You either love them, or, you don’t. What are we saying? Everyone loves a good burger. The difference is that there are two types of people, those who prefer the classic, American-style while others go for a gourmet delight with all the trimmings.

We’ve seen it all, from black buns to donut buns, 1000 strips of bacon to 100 patty burgers, and then, ramen burgers to lasagna burgers. These burgers aren’t for every day, so we’ve rounded up the best burgers available right now. They’re called classics for a reason.


It’s hard not to like the simplicity of a cheeseburger but don’t be fooled, it’s not vegetarian. Enjoy a beef patty, slice of American-style cheese and tomato sauce surrounded in pillowy buns. Easy.


Bacon and egg burger

Everyone loves breakfast foods and even better, enjoying breakfast foods outside of breakfast hours with some of that #yolkporn?


Fried chicken burger

Fried chicken is always a crowd pleaser, but wrapped up in a hamburger bun with some lettuce and mayo. YES.


Fish burger

Like a chicken burger, a fish burger makes lettuce taste good and that dollop (or more) of tartare sauce takes it to the next level.


Veggie burger

Vegetarian? Or just want a break? No matter what your reasoning is, you can enjoy a delicious veggie burger on Menulog – from grilled mushrooms to lentil patties, potato rostis to mixed veg and grain patties, we have your back.


Steak sandwich

Technically it’s not a burger but we felt compelled to put it in. Steak smothered in mustard with some salad leaves, onion, cheese and tomato … it doesn’t get much better.

Hungry? We bet you are! Order from your local burger joint.

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