And how Sydneysiders can smell their way to free hot chips this week!

Did Somebody Smell… the best hot chip shops in Australia?

It’s no surprise Australians order more than 3.5 million servings of hot chips per week via food delivery service, Menulog, with new research revealing the extent of the nation’s obsession with this salty side, as a quarter of all Australians say hot chips are their absolute favourite food smell.

Hot chips are part of Australia’s foodie fabric. There have been great debates over what makes the ‘best’ chip; crispy ones or soft ones? There are have family blow-ups over chicken salt being added without everyone being consulted first. There have been debacles at the beach with seagulls trying to claim their own.  

To celebrate what is, now officially, one of the greatest smells in Australia, Menulog will launch the first-ever ‘Pay by Smell’ Hot Chip Shop for one day only in Sydney, on Wednesday 29 May, serving up delicious servings of the salty side, for free!

Did Somebody Smell Menulog?

WHEN:             Wednesday, 29 May 12:30PM – 2:30PM
WHERE:           The location is a secret but we can tell you it’s somewhere in World Square – just follow your nose!
WHAT:              Sydneysiders will need to ‘Pay by Smell’  through the following mechanic:

  1. SMELL: Follow the unmistakable scent of crispy, hot chips to find the Pay by Smell Menulog Hot Chip Shop
  2. ASK: “Did Somebody Say Menulog” to receive your serve of delicious fries
  3. ENJOY!

But the rest of the country need not worry about where they might find on of their favourite smells (and foods), as Menulog have revealed:

  1. Where does one find the best hot chips?; and
  2. How do we best enjoy them?

The state you’re most likely to physically drool when looking at photos of chips on Instagram, with one in five residents admitting to the faux pas, according to orders and ratings on Menulog,  you can find the best chips in NSW at:


Victorians are the most likely state to identify hot chips as their favourite food smell, with more than a quarter (27%) of residents preferencing the scent over dishes like pizza and pasta. You can find their favourite hot chips on Menulog at:


Queenslanders take a more relaxed approach to snacking on hot chips, with research revealing despite being the sunshine state, Queenslanders are actually the least concerned of all about seagulls swooping for one of their chips – only 13 percent list it as a concern when smelling hot chips compared to the national median of 17 percent. Find their top hot chips according to Menulog at:


SA are more likely to take The Great Australian Bite.. of your ideal hot chips after catching their scent, with research finding residents are more likely than any other state to connect smelling hot chips with good memories from the past, with almost two thirds (60%) of the state reporting this experience. Their most popular according to Menulog can be found at:


The state not adverse to giving, almost half of West Australians (44%) state they would share their hot chips with a mate, and almost one in ten (9%) say they would ask a stranger for a hot chip if they smelt it. Their best chips according to orders and ratings on Menulog can be located at:


ACT don’t shy away from seasoning when it comes to hot chips, with their top hot chip shop serving up mouthwatering burgers and crispy chips outside of an old mechanic’s garage. Find the best chips according to ratings and orders on Menulog at:


To establish a deeper understanding of what makes hot chips such an important aspect of Australia’s cultural food fabric, Menulog has conducted research with YouGov Galaxy, using a sample of over 1,000 Australian adults. Here’s what you need to know:

Hot chips through the ages

  • Millennials are 78 percent more likely to eat more than three chips at once and 80 percent more likely to eat all of the chips before the rest of their meal
  • More than one in 10 millennials have immediately ordered chips from their smartphone after smelling them
  • While convenience and access to technology is a driving force, research also shows chip safety could be a factor for online ordering and delivery, with one in five millennials saying this smell also triggers a concern of seagulls and protecting their beloved fries   

Aussie hot chip etiquette

  • Less than half of all Aussies are willing to share their chips and more than one in 10 say they ‘guard them with their life’
  • A quarter of people believe it’s acceptable to eat more than three chips at a time
  • One in eight Aussies don’t feel the need to consult the group before seasoning before sharing hot chips
  • About one quarter (27%) of Australians will scoff their side of chips before their actual meal
  • Women (50%) tend to be more generous than men (43%) when it comes to sharing their chips
  • Baby Boomers are the most chip-generous generation with 50% saying they would share them around compared to 42% of Gen X and 42% of Millennials

The ultimate hot chip

In a question potentially bigger than pineapple on pizza, the Menulog study has finally settled the score on the best kind of hot chip, with Australia ranking the best type of chip as follows:

  1. Long, soft chips, little seasoning
  2. Anything with chicken salt or seasoning to the max
  3. Small, dark and very crispy

Cravings by gender

There is also a difference between how men and women, experience their food desires:

  • Women (44%) are more likely than men (39%) to report their mouth instantly watering when smelling hot chips
  • Men (10%)  are more shameless when it comes to satisfying these desires, being twice as likely as a woman (5%) to ask a stranger for a hot chip after smelling them, and almost twice as likely to eat three at a time (29% compared to 18%)


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