Food EventsPosted on 24.06.2019


Menulog delivers your favourite alcoholic refreshments in the form of a non-alcoholic candle for FREE!

If you’ve decided to go alcohol-free this July, Menulog has you covered with an exclusive range of non-alcoholic. candles.

A range of five delectable and scrumptious flavours make up Menulog’s Scentsational Alcohol Candle Range, which will be sure to transport you to the French Riviera, sipping bubbly whilst Olivier Martinez serves you Foie Gras and caviar from a gold platter…if you’ve settled on the Champagne Cocktail candle that is! And the best part is, the Champagne Cocktail candle is yours to own for free with Manoosh Pizzeria’s limited time meal deal via Menulog.

Other bespoke alcohol scented candles include Mulled Wine, Scotch Whisky, Espresso Martini and Pink Apple Cider.

Menulog’s Scentsational Alcohol Candle Range features:

Mulled Wine Candle, paired with Scotch Fillet Steak. Available from Godfathers Pizza Cafe (Yarraville, VIC)

Perfect for a cold winter’s night, the famous Scotch Fillet Steak (with chips and salad!) has been paired with a scrumptious Mulled Wine candle. It’s time to unwind and uncork this sumptuous red wine…candle. With ‘woody’ notes that, let’s be honest, no one can ever really smell and a lingering smell of citrus up your nose, this red wine… candle… is a potent reminder that you need to endure 30 days without this sweet, sweet nectar of the gods. Sorry.

Champagne Cocktail Candle, paired with Spicy Prawns & Chorizo Traditional Style Pizza. Available from Manoosh Pizzeria (Enmore, NSW)

With a delectable combination of Italian and seafood, the Spicy Prawns & Chorizo Traditional Style Pizza is truly posh nosh and will be accompanied by the celebratory Champagne Cocktail candle. Pop a cork…or the lid…on this champagne candle and let the fragrant aroma transport you to France!  You’re sipping bubbly on the riviera whilst Olivier Martinez serves you Foie Gras and caviar from a gold platter… on a yacht… you’re wearing diamonds… you’re a billionaire… you’re the queen. Keep dreaming, which is what you’ll be doing whilst you’re sniffing this candle alone while your friends are out boozing this July.

Scotch Whisky Candle, paired with Barbecued Chicken Wings. Available from Base and Burger (Mount Annan, NSW)

If you enjoy the traditional things in life, these juicy Barbecued Chicken Wings and Scotch Whisky candle are the perfect pair for you. One of the most aromatic and indulgent of all the spirits, whiskey is one suave swig. Traditionally distilled from fermented grain mash… we’ve made this candle smell nothing like mouldy wheat. Instead, it bears the woody aromas of a charred white oak cask and peaty flavours that transport you to the moors of Scotland. Just for long enough to forget that you’ve brought a candle to a bar.

Sticky Date Pudding, paired with Espresso Martini Candle, available from La Porchetta (North Melbourne, VIC)

For those planning to spend a cosy night in, opt for a delicious Sticky Date Pudding paired with the Espresso Martini candle. Hold onto your relatively good spirits with a whiff of java anytime of the day (or night). Trust us, no one will judge – unless they see you licking the candle


Pink Apple Cider Candle, paired with Smokey BBQ Pork Pizza. Available from Pizza Miltonio (Milton, QLD)

Perfect for setting the party mood, light your Pink Apple Cider candle while you share a Smokey BBQ Pork Pizza with friends this weekend. Who doesn’t love a hot apple cider in winter? You just need to head a little higher than your mouth with this version to get that same sweet sensation of drinking a pink apple cider. Reminder: This is actually on fire so stop before you hit your nose.