Food FactsPosted on 25.11.2015

“There’s An App For That”

There’s an app for basically everything you could ever want (and never need), but a select few are worth their weight in gold.

With technology overload inundating our lives, we sometimes yearn for simpler times. But, those rose-tinted glasses tend to cloud the reality of analog times. So after a little (realistic) reminiscing, perhaps you’ll change your tune about pre-smartphone life…

Before GPS Apps 

Your smartphone comes installed with maps that make it pretty darn hard to get lost.

We still remember the horrors (THE HORRORS) of navigating with a street directory i.e. pulling over every 5 minutes to map out a new route with your finger.

Before Internet Browsers 

Looking up the address or phone number of a business meant cracking out the Yellow Pages. No thanks!

Today, if you have the Yellow Pages in your house, it’s most likely a doorstop or used for spider removal processes…

P.S. If you don’t remember why everybody started saying “not happy, Jan”… it was a Yellow Pages commercial.

Before Instagram

Every photograph was #nofilter, and you had to get them developed before you could make sure they weren’t a blurry, grotesque mess.

Before Shazam 

You simply prayed that the radio hosts would mention the name of the song afterwards. Or, you’d wait patiently by the radio to record it onto a cassette tape. The indignity of it all.

Before Game Apps

Finding a little entertainment to while away the hours used to be a whole lot harder than one tap to enter app…

Before the Menulog App

We’ve never been particularly nostalgic about ringing up a restaurant to order a Friday night feed.

The misheard orders, the poor reception, the racket in the background, the asking for extra pork and getting an extra fork — what’s to miss?

It is, however, quite fascinating to know that the mundane activities we experienced in years gone by will be completely foreign to younger generations.

Tap a couple times for takeaway on the Menulog App tonight!

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